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All Children love to cook , and doing it together makes it totally fun

Now is the perfect time to give your kitchen a new look with our Backsplash panels, using only an adhesive & cutting knife. It’s really that easy.

Cooking time just got upgraded !  

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Waterproof panels with classic design textures for kitchens and any wash basin surroundings, such as restroom areas, refreshment areas, food preparation areas, cafeterias and more. Backsplash wall coverings are easy to clean and reduce maintenance time.


A classic design that complements a Traditional-American style.


This dynamic pattern creates a dramatic effect in the kitchen.


Texture inspired by metal stamped ceilings from late 19th century.


Hand-hammered metal texture in matte silver adds a contemporary touch.


A lush and vibrant pattern with a subtle visual illusion combining diamonds and diagonal lines that adds a sense of splendor.


A floral leaf texture with a flowing, relaxing atmosphere.


The delicate texture blends into the background and accentuates contemporary decor.


The vivid regal design adds rich texture and presence.

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