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​Q. Can The panels be placed over a wall paper?

A. Yes . Our panels are designed to be installed directly over any existing chosen wall, drywall, wall paper , ceramic or plaster. 

​Q. Can I paint the panels?

A. Yes. The panels can be painted using acrylic paint (we recommend to use Spray paint).

​Q. What is the best way/ how to adhere the panels to a wall ? Are they sticky backed ?

A. These panels are not sticky backed.

You should stick them to the wall using adhesive glue of MS-polymer type

​Q. Are these panels actually 3 dimensional or just printed to look that way?

A. Yes , the panels are 3 dimensional.

​Q. Can the panels be used in a shower ?

A. Yes . The panels are made of PVC and are waterproof. 
Please make sure you apply silicone sealant where the panels overlap.

The panels can be used in the shower, kitchen, living room or any other place in your home.

​Q. Can the panels be installed over an existing glass tile Backsplash in a kitchen? 

A. Yes . The panels can definitely be installed over existing glass tile in the kitchen. 

You will need to use a suitable adhesive.
There is no need to fill the grout lines with the adhesive, the panels overlap and are rigid enough so the grout lines won't show after installation.

​Q. Can the panels be used over existing tile on fireplace?

A. Yes these panels can be used over existing tile on fireplace.

Please make sure there is a distance of at least 15cm / 6'' from any heat source.

​Q. Is this product fire resistant and in what temperature can heat cause warping?

A. These panels are Class A rated and are heat resistant up to 60C° / 140°F. The panels should be installed 15cm / 6in  away from any heat source.
Keeping this distance , the panels are ideal for using in the kitchen area behind the gas stove.

​Q. Can the panels be used outside ?

A. The panels are not UV protected. In direct sun the color will fade gradually.

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