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Time to relax for few more minutes...

We spend our mornings and evenings in the bathroom. With the “Tongue & Groove” new collection you can create by yourself with very little effort a total transformation.

Give your bathroom a luxurious chic look and make time for long showers ….

Classy, clean-lined panels inspired  by modern industrial design.

The waterproof Tongue & Groove tiles are easy to install and ready to be glued on walls. They are perfect for upgrading  bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or any other interior living areas you have in mind. 

Panels include scratch resistant layer.

Dark Urban Cement

Industrial design look which provides a dramatic effect

Light Urban Cement

A touch of an industrial design appearance with trendy effect

Carrera Marble

Get closer to Mother Nature with the Carrera Marble panels inspired by its bounty and beauty.

Rustic Concrete

A touch of modern urban design to your home

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